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SIDÉN HEDMAN DUO at Norrköping Art Museum, May 28-31, 2015


The sound installation "Double Bind Player" shown at Norrköping Art Museum, during the music festival Norrköpingsljud.

Norrköping Art Museum



May 28-31, 2015.

The sound installation is shown from Thursday May 28 at 21:00 to Sunday May 31 when the museum closes.

Thursday, May 28 at 21:00 - Inauguration of the sound installation and concert

Works by Sidén Hedman duo for piano and EAM

Grand piano: Eva Sidén

"Lost in a Legend" by Sidén/Hedman (20')

"Metal - from Wu Xing" by Hedman/Sidén (15')

"Playing double bind" by Sidén/Hedman (14')

Friday, May 29 at 15:00 - Workshop with Sidén Hedman duo

In the concert installation Double Bind player, which runs during the festival Norrköpingljud, makes the duo Sidén Hedman a workshop with students from the Sound Culture course, Linköping University and students from the music school De Geer.

In the workshop, the participants try to compose a short live electronic piece with the sound from the piano, other sound objects and electronics in surround sound. The pieces are place-related by all audio material based on sounds from the Museum of Art. The workshop ends with a short concert where the partisipants presents their pieces.

Sunday, May 31 at 14:30 - Concert, new piano music

Eva Sidén present works for piano, sound objects and electronics:

"Expanding Grand Piano" for grand piano and sound object by Eva Sidén (10')

"Deserere" for grand piano and EAM by Eva Sidén Premiere (14')

"The Gravel Harp" for grand piano, sound objects, EAM by Eva Sidén (12,40')

"Piano Pieces" ("RE: Origo", "the water has ...", "Engram", "Silence") grand piano by Eva Sidén

"Piano Music" by Peter Lindroth

"Gestures" by David Sward

"Toccata" by Beng Goran Shield

"Night Music" by Jorgen Ängsved

All concerts in Norrköping sound have free admission!

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