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SIDÉN HEDMAN DUO - "Metal" at Växjö Art Gallery, May 7, 2015


Växjö konsthall

Västra Esplanaden 10

May 7, 2015 at 19:00

"Metal - from Wu Xing" by Sidén Hedman duo is played as an electronic 6 channel piece at SEAMS concert "Open Call" at Växjö Art Gallery.

The concert takes place at Växjö Art Hall, Thursday, May 7 2015 at. 19.00, with electronic music, video and live electronics by Ylva Q. Arkvik, Girilal Baars, Jonas Broberg, Lars Höjerdahl, Jan Liljekvist, Sidén Hedman duo och SQ (Thomas Bjelkeborn, Paul Pignon & Slim Vic).

At the concert also SEAMS commissioned piece, for comp FEST 2015, "Vinterglädje" by Pär Johansson, will be played for the first time after the first performance.

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